November 12, 2010

Native Medicine in Ethiopia 1944

Native medicine in Ethiopia is described by U.S. Technical Project in CIBA Symposia after the Italo-Ethiopian War. The findings, which is incomplete and partial, has pitfalls since many traditional herbal medicines is not described. It is interesting that Kosso is mentioned and today European companies have identified one of the active ingredients of Kosso in the lab. Sadly, they have peddled the "Kossin chemical" as their own to the Ethiopians with tragic consequences to some patients. Ethiopians, however, are able to better describe their traditional or folk medicine (a better terminology) as in this article of another expectorant by Amare Getahun.
"Some Common Medicinal And Poisonous Plants Used In Ethiopian Folk Medicine" :
Rosa abyssinica R.Br.
keqa (A)
wild Ethiopian Rose (English)
The edible fruits are good tapeworm and round worm expectorants

CIBA Pharmaceutical Report on Native Medicine in Ethiopia

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