November 17, 2010

History of Medicine in Ethiopia

CIBA SYMPOSIA describes the medical situation of Ethiopia in 1944 after the end of the Italo-Ethiopian war. It also describes the establishment of the various hospitals and clinics in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia. Click on the images for better viewing. The report continues with descriptions of the diseases commonly found in Ethiopia such as malaria, venereal diseases, tuberculosis, leprosy, typhus diseases, relapsing fever, cholera, yellow fever, smallpox, helminthic diseases, diseases of the the skin, gastrointestinal disturbances, eye diseases, framboesia and some disease terms in Amharic. These diseases are generally catagorized under Tropical Diseases as contrasted with diseases in the United States and most developed countries wherein the diseases are described as sort of Metabolic, Carcinogenic and Modern society sedentary diseases.

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