May 07, 2009

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Atse Menelik of Ethiopia

Around 1890 to 1900 or just before the Russian Bolshevik October revolution, there was a great activity between the Russians and the Ethiopians. The Russians received golden crown, Ethiopian artifacts and jewels while the Ethiopians received a large supply of rifles. Ethiopian dignitaries were received well especially by the Russian Orthodox synods as they considered the Ethiopians as "black brethren" due to the fact of the same religion. Russian soldiers were also known to accompany the Ethiopians in the attempt of the Ethiopians who were trying to secure the borderlands before the advent of the European powers such as the French and the Italians and the British in the Horn of Africa. The series of postcards below are rare photographs of the Russian Royal family before they were executed savagely by irresponsible authorities. For larger images double click and scroll!

POSTCARDS with reverse side details: