March 23, 2011

Life: Do Not Worry Cheer Up and Be Happy!!!!

As the human population of the earth increases uncontrollably, so does all the old problems and new emerging problems that have to be dealt with. Sometimes however, one is cornered and has no weapons left to fight the encroaching phenomenon. Some take the easy way out by jumping from the highest buildings or the deepest sea. Others use myriads of ways or a thousand ways to die and leave the earth for another wonderful far-away planet that had been etched in their imaginations. But the tough human spirit is to adapt and not to perish. Ethiopedia has therefore posted this copyrighted poem or fighter's chants to conquer the evil Great Ones that may come in your path as you journey through life. It may be earthquakes, Tsunami, Joblessness, Anger, Prejudice, Hatered etc. Please read it and dance your way until victory!

Copyrighted 1988 Basliel Wolde Gabriel

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