April 25, 2007

Great Ethiopian Song Praises Cultural Festivities

Awdamet by Manalemosh Dibo
Basic Translation for Non-Amharic Speakers
A Joyous Song Praising Awdamet an Ethiopian Holiday

Its festival Times, its Awdamet, Its Amet Baal
A time to rejoice and praise thanks to Amlak, God
The majestic sun rises and casts its rays all over Ethiopia
And Awdamet begins early with the first crow of the rooster
Here and there and everywhere echoes the greetings of joys
The traditional kissing and hugging and endless salutations
Bow low bow low then kiss the knees the Elder's Knees!
On and On and On; Dehna Nachehu Dehna Nachehu?
How are you? How are the children, the cattle, the horses!
How is your health ? How is your business? Praise the Lord!
Egziabeher Yemesgen! Amen! Thanks Amlakthe Lord!
The whole country seems like one big big Family!
The festivities! The food! The visitors! The children!
Its one big Celebration of Life, A new beginning
Amlak Yemesgen, Praise and Thanks to God
The bonfire Demera, some big, some small
Light the evening skies and from a mountain top
Like earthly twinkling stars stud the valleys and plains
Shimmering until the coldness of night turns off the flames
Bahelachen, our culture, casts good wishes, good health
Oh praise Amlak the Lord Let us praise Enamesgen
The aroma of wheat bread , the dabo or Ambasha
Like butterflies on the soft wind of early spring
Whiffs its welcome scent through out the land!
Great Awdamet Praise be to Amlak, God
How can one forget the injera and wat
With its spicy and nourishing taste
The palate asks for more and more!
Wrap the healthy morsel with soft injera
Here Gursha my friend Here Gursha my kid
Here Gursha my love, How sweet the bond created!
Oh the Feresegna, the Horseman, that chicken breast
Aptly Reserved for the House head and the Elders
Eaten lavishly and the relish shared amongst all
Until the bones remains standing like a horse
Alas, the Feresegna has been consumed
Awdamet Awdamet Praise be to Amlak, God
Traditional music from traditional Masinko and Krar
Sending their thanks and joy to One creator, Amlak Hoy
The Iskista, the shoulder and head rhythmic movement
Now this way Now that way, Sliding and Gliding along
Enkwan Aderesachehu which means Happy Holidays
Destana Tsega which means Happiness and Blessings
Amlak Yemesgen, which means Praise to the Lord
Traditional Home Brewed drink, Pass it on!!
Tej honey mead and Tella traditional Beer
Cupping the hands to pour and to taste
How colorful the Ethiopian way!
Awdamet is happiness Awdamet is blessing
Amlak Yemesgen, which means Praise the Lord
The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, so old so vibrant
Yet so very new to so many on just this one earth
Roasting crackling beans turn brown then black
Sending their mystic smoke high high and high
Oh how sweet the smell, here breath the aroma
Above your head it goes and down your face
Each sweep of coffee cloud with their palms
For one or so last sniffing, one last blessing
Abul, First serving for the distinguished
Tona, the second serving for good luck
Baraka, the third serving for blessing
Yes Indeed Let's celebrate Awdamet
Awdamet, gift for the Healthy Aged
Awdamet is happiness and joy
Awdamet is a blessing
Today we rejoice and Praise
But the morrow we leave to God
Light up the Shammas, the candles
Let smoke rise from the Sended incense
Wear your new clothes Spray the perfumes
Scatter Findesha popcorn and chase evil away
Where green Ketema grass covers the floor
The green of the National Ethiopian Flag
The green of the rainbow, the first flag
A sign of spring and a New Life
Hand around still the Ambasha bread
Let the Children play Celebrate Awdamet
Let us once more praise the Lord Amlak
While the Elders shower us blessings
Merekat, good will and good wishes
Love each other Forgive each other
Its the Spirit of Awdamet A time of Joy
Awdamet is happiness Awdamet is blessing
Amlak Yemesgen, which means Praise the Lord
Enkwan Aderesachehu Amlak Yemesgen Praise the Lord

Rough Translation by Ethiopedia

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