November 02, 2010

Artistic Works of Adis Gebru of Ethiopia

Ethiopia has produced many artists throughout the long history of the country. The illuminated manuscripts, as an example, are some of the longest surviving works produced by selfless and patient artists in the early history of Ethiopia. Certain books in the West have shamelessly described the arts of Ethiopia as cartoon-like and childish in appearance. This is far from the truth! Shown below are the works of the artist Adis Gebru dated 2008 of traditional Ethiopians as they are without the flair of Westernizations. Their Ethiopic looks are now well known through the world and this characteristics has been carried unchanged through 4000 years of their history and independence. This is just one example of many talented Ethiopian artists.

The titles of the painting (bold) and comments by Ethiopedia

1. Long Trip. Man and child. Men nurture kids and traditionally are referred to as having given birth to a child like a women

2. Netella Wear. This is the traditional wear of the Highlander Ethiopians

3. My Coffee Maker. Coffee from Kaffa Ethiopia still grows wild in the shadows of the forests and the coffee ceremony is a favorite of many Ethiopian restaurants and homes

4. Impressionable Age. Children are very much loved and protected in Ethiopia

5. Spinning. This cotton spin tradition has not changed since the times of the Pharoahs as seen in the Persian relief below

6. Interesting Style. Ethiopian women like to adorn themselves just like their black kins in Egypt including the same cotton dress with same design

7. Reminescence. The older you are the wiser, so the Shimageles (Elders) are sought for wise advices

8. Stylish. An Oromo lady proudly posing her good looks

9. Adorned. Ethiopian women are much sought after but are good fighters too if disrespected.


6 J's Journal said...

6 J's Journal said...

Does anyone know how to find this artist's work? I saw these prints at a restaurant today.

Ethiopedia said...

The artist is probably in Ethiopia and we will try our best to obtain his Email.


Anonymous said...

quite some time ago i met the brother 0f adis (named abebe) in ethiope. i have some work at ahome af adis and would like t have contact with him

are u able to give me some info

thx for help

hans de bruin the netherlands

S. Dupont encadreur d'art said...

I am a frenhc art framer. I'm going to organize an exposition of frame about ethipian art.
I discoverd some works of Adis Gebru last year during my sending on Djibouti.
I wanted to know if he could be interest to join my project. Or perhaps an another artiste ?
Please contact me on my electronic mail :
Thank you
S. Dupont from France

ቤተሥላሴ ናኦድ said...

The Artist could be Addis Gebru. Source:

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this artist signed his work " Adis/G." ?

Thank you.

helen said...

Beautiful illustrations. Are there any books available with these illustrations?

Stickeagle said...

met him today at an art show phone # is +251 912659904

Gordon said...

Is anyone in touch with Adis Gebru. I am interested in purchasing his paintings.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 of his original drawings. Beautiful. Are you interested in paintings or drawings?